From the recording MERCY AND GRACE


Doug and Carol’s Farm

verse 1

On the corner of S and U
Stood a farm house with quite a view
Of the way life’s supposed to be
I was eight years old, when I found out
What livin’ right is all about
From a man and a woman holding on
To a two-hundred acre farm
Times were good and times were hard
On Doug and Carol’s farm


Frelich’s lived across the street
On a hill above the creek
And Peninberg’s lived just down the road
Tractors parked out in the yard
Classic cars behind the barn
The rest of the world seemed so far
From Doug and Carol’s farm

verse 2

I remember way back when
All the kids lived at home back then
Lord, it don’t seem that long ago
Racin’ mini-bikes and water fights
And parties in their woods at night
We’d listen to my daddy play guitar
Watchin’ Doug and Carol dance along
To those Ernest Tubb and Tom T. songs
On Doug and Carol’s farm